Different Types Of CBD Concentrates

Different Types Of CBD Concentrates

You might be wrong if you think there is only one type of CBD extract and what does CBD do?. There are many options for CBD products. There are many different types of CBD extracts, from wax to live resin. Continue reading to learn more about the various types of CBD concentrates.

What Is A CBD Concentrate?

Before we get into the different types of CBD concentrates available, let’s first define what a CBD concentration is. A CBD concentrate is a CBD product with a high concentration of cannabidiol. Concentrates are potent and allow users to enjoy the effects and benefits of CBD in a shorter time than other forms.

These Are The 3 Main Types Of CBD Concentrates

CBD concentrates are typically classified into three categories: full-spectrum (isolate), broad-spectrum (broad-spectrum), and complete-spectrum (full-spectrum). The active ingredients in the extract are what distinguish each category. Continue reading to learn more about these primary categories.

Cbd Isolate: CBD is a concentrated form of CBD. It virtually eliminates all other active compounds from hemp plants. High-pressure liquid chromatography is used to separate CBD from other components of the plant. To create a highly potent product, 99 percent of the CBD concentrate is obtained.

Full-Spectrum Cbd is a blend of extracts from hemp plants. It may contain CBD and terpenes as well as essential oils, cannabinol, tetrahydrocannabinol(THC), and other active substances from the hemp plant.

Broad-Spectrum Cbd (Broad-Spectrum Cbd): Broad-spectrum is similar to full-spectrum CBD. It contains many active compounds from the hemp plant, in addition to full-spectrum CBD. Broad-spectrum CBD is not like full-spectrum CBD.

Different CBD Concentrates

CBD concentrates are available in many forms, apart from the ones listed above. We have listed below information about some of the most well-known CBD extracts.


Wax is similar to candle wax in that it has a soft and oily consistency. The process of creating wax is usually butane or CO2 extract. However, CO2 extraction is still the most popular method of creating wax. It can produce clean, high-quality, and potent CBD with potencies ranging from 65 to 90 percent. A variety of compounds and synergistic phytochemicals are often added to wax, including CBD. Wax is generally darker and yellowish in appearance.

Most users use a dabbing device to handle wax because it is sticky. CBD wax concentrates can have a sticky texture similar to honey or a more crumbly texture depending on which variety. The extraction process will have an impact on the texture of the wax. Budder and brittle are two of the most popular types of wax.


Budder is a form of CBD concentrate. It is made from oils rich in moisture and has a gooey consistency. The final step in creating a budder is to purge the CBD extract at a higher temperature. To remove the solvent, the substance is whipped vigorously. The wax CBD concentrate is then given a creamier texture, similar to butter. Budder, which is similar to wax, is usually made using a CO2 or butane extraction process. It has the same potency.


Crumble is another common form of CBD concentrate wax. Crumble, also known as honeycomb is a consistency that is more crumbly than sticky and gooey. The crust is often made using CO2 or butane, similar to wax.

The extract is less moistened throughout the process. Crumble has a higher water content, which allows for a solid product that is less viscous and has a crumbly texture. Crumple is more manageable than wax and budder because it’s less sticky and has a solid consistency.


Shatter is a high-concentration CBD product with a translucent appearance. It is usually clear or amber in color. Shatter is one of the purest forms of concentrated CBD. It has a smooth consistency and thin sheets that look almost like a glass. Shatter, which is similar to glass, cracks and splits under pressure. This is how the substance got its name. Shatter will melt when exposed to heat and bubble to form a thicker, more goopy texture similar to honey.

Although there are many methods to make shatter, butane extraction is the most popular. Shatter is often subject to additional filtration after extraction to increase its purity and potency.

Live Resin

Live resin is a form of full-spectrum CBD extract made from freshly harvested hemp buds. It is flash-frozen immediately after harvest. The drying and curing processes would not be complete without this cooling.

These terpenes can be preserved by freezing the hemp buds before extraction. This allows for a higher level of cannabinoids and terpenes in the final product. The final product often has enhanced flavor and automatic properties because live resin captures the hemp buds’ terpene profiles so well.

Live resin is typically more liquid and has a higher potency (90 percent CBD). Because of the high potency and flavor benefits live resin offers, it is more expensive and less available.